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[ so... Jaffar has actually never had this much nothing to do in his entire life. He was an assassin for his entire life - then he met Nino, and he was a soldier, and after that, he came here and was a prisoner. Now? He's just kind of... here. Not in any real danger, with no goals to reach, nothing he particularly needs to do to survive. Nino is friendly and bright and gets along easily with others, much like when they were in the Lycian army together; on the other hand, he's as quiet and shady as ever, and this time, he doesn't even have the distraction of warding off possible threads and preparing for future combat.

Basically: he's doing a lot of sitting. And he hates it, because when he's not occupied, he's forced to acknowledge what a hollow husk of a person he really is.

The sitting is continuing now. He dislikes eating with the others, so he'd crouched down in a corner of the kitchen rather than bringing food into the main area. The dagger that he'd used to take lives in Elibe was used instead to cut an apple into slices, and, having finished that meager snack, he's back to sitting, distractionless. Idly, he's begun shaving the remaining skin off of the apple's core, smoothing its edges. ]
You lied to me.

[ that's the first thing Jaffar says to Jack. It's been a long day - inconceivably long. Much of the last couple hours is a blur to him. Once he realized that he was going to die, he felt his humanity recoiling back inside of him again. He failed. Monumentally. The emotions hurt, and he didn't want to deal with them.

It was easier to sit here, like this, and talk to Jack as if nothing means anything at all, and think of the game as if he and the only good thing in his life weren't going to cease to exist tomorrow.

He's not scared. He just can't accept it. ]
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[ The trial was long, and dragged on and on, and the longer it dragged on, the more dire it became. For him. For her. For their life, together. By the end, he'd realized it inside before anything was announced - he was going to die. It was as if his long years of being the Angel of Death had made him sensitive to it; he could see his death in the eyes of the people around him, in their words. And he knew he had failed. The rest of it was a blur as he retreated into the safety of himself.

But he can't hide for long. He isn't the emotionless husk he used to be. Nino is here with him. Nino is dying because of him. Never in his life has he failed so miserably, so desperately, so pathetically. All of his attempts to change the course of fate merely drew it towards him, angrier and faster than before, and now he is left clutched in its jaws, with Nino suffering because of him. It's a good thing that he is dying; he cannot imagine a world where he survives and she does not.

But imagining a world where she dies at all is more painful than any wound he's ever taken, and it's about to become a reality. The life he promised her. The protection he swore her. It was all gone. He'd broken his promise to her again; he'd stolen her life, her future, her friends. He mourns her more than he could ever mourn himself.

When he sees her that night, it's all he can do not to prostrate himself before her. He has half a mind to give her one of his daggers and tell her to kill him - but he knows her well enough to understand that would only upset her further. He can only hang his head, standing stiffly, a quiver in his shoulders that he's never felt before. ]

I... cannot keep my promise. I have failed you. Nino, I failed you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry...
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[ at some point after everything, he seeks Lucina out again. He's tired, sweating, and a little bit burned, but his face is a grim mask of calm and resignation.

Things had to be this way. He should not have hoped that things would get better. He should not have tied himself to Nino in such a way - then perhaps she wouldn't be going down with him like this. That's all he can think about, even now. The trial and the island be damned; he'd made the first mistake a long time ago when he decided to tell her how he felt. He was an idiot.

All he can do now is at least try to make amends to someone he'd cast aside in his desperate scramble to survive. ]

... I am sorry.
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[ he has fucked up so monumentally. More than he ever has in his life.

He's surprised at how calm he feels, knowing that he and Nino are about to die. Maybe it's because it all feels so far out of his hands. Jack was the one who got him killed. Maybe it's because they'll at least be able to stay together, in a morbid sort of way.

Or maybe it's just the shock. He learned from a young age that shutting out the world and sealing off his heart was the best way to cope with the horrors of the world and his life. It's coming in handy now that the small, fragile life he'd started to contruct for himself was falling in on itself again.

Even so, there's one person he feels he should talk to. ]

... You defended me. Thank you.

[ that's all he can really say. His voice is the same low, gravelly rasp as always. Neutral, clear of emotions, even as he's on the precipice of death. ]
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[ WELL, that was an exciting day, wasn't it. Jaffar had the dubious honor of helping find a bunch of evidence that he didn't quite understand -- he's still not sure what a gun is -- but Nino was unharmed, and thus, he doesn't feel one way or another about the day's events. He needs to figure out what's going on, though - he understands that much. If he lets this go on much longer, the killings will find their way to his doorstep.

And he's doubly vulnerable because of the man currently sitting in the hut with him. Nino is out, no doubt helping those affected by the events cope or something like that, and Jaffar is somewhat thankful for it, for once. He'd wanted to talk to Jack alone. ]

Jack Vessalius... I would speak with you.
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[ at present, Jacopo is probably the most puzzling man on the island in Jaffar's eyes. Upon first impression, he'd pinned him as a pragmatic and assertive leader-type, serious and unbending. Needless to say, that image has all but dissolved now - had it been Nino's effect on him, perhaps, that made him change his demeanor? Either way, the difference between who Jaffar thought he was and who he's shown himself to be is large enough to make him want to look into him further.

That, and he's been kind. Oddly kind. Kind enough to embarrass himself. Jaffar has no idea what to make of it.

Sunday evening, after Austria's been killed, he approaches Jacopo's hut and raps on the door - arriving, for once, on his lonesome. ]
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[ Another Sunday, and another body to clean up. He leaves the responsibility to others, as before; the only thing about the entire debacle that matters is that it wasn't him or Nino with their necks in the proverbial guillotine. Normally, he'd be happy to leave things at that. However, for Nino's sake, he said he'd work on stopping this madness. And, with little to no headway made, he decides he needs to try working independently.

Lucina had agreed to trade her life for Nino's: she seems as good a place to start as any for that reason alone. Jaffar will approach her wherever she can be found later in the day, no matter how out of the way it may be. What sort of assassin would he be if he couldn't track people. ]

... Lucina.
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[ despite various trials and tribulations - almost all of them caused entirely by himself, the poor bastard - Jaffar succeeded in what he set out to do today, aside from the usual chores and survivalism. Or, at least, he's succeeded at doing half of it. If he thought the first part made him feel nervous, this part has him feeling even more nervous.

He has no idea why. He's already told her his feelings, and she reciprocated them; they sleep beside each other every night. But... in the end, it's because he's still learning to be human. He's afraid of making an error, or doing something embarrassing, or screwing things up, and he's even more afraid of those things where Nino is concerned.

Fortunately, fear has never been enough to stop Jaffar from doing anything. So he returns that night to the hut they're sharing with Jack with a single flower in his hands, being quiet in case Nino is still sleeping off her injury. ]
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[ On one hand, Jaffar's theory about the murder was pretty much 100% correct. He couldn't save Yato from getting killed, but, at least, he proved to himself that he could figure out what was going on here. Maybe he had a chance at stopping those two morphs, after all.

On the other hand, Nino's signed her life away. Which means that even if he did stop them, the person he was doing it for wouldn't be around to see it.

He has no proof that she's going to die tomorrow. He has no proof that anything at all is going to happen to her, in truth. But after what happened to Haru, and the cold way that Yato's fate was determined, Jaffar has little doubt in his mind that her life's clock is ticking away its final hours. He's been even quieter than usual since the trial - if such a thing is possible - although by this point, it's clear that he's no longer angry with Nino. No, he's just distracted, wracking his brain trying to think of a way to stop the inevitable. How can he kill the two homunculi before they can hurt Nino?

But as time goes on, he grows tired from the day's events, and tired from trying to find solutions for both the island and for Nino's problem, and his thinking turns into worrying, and his worrying begins to degrade into desperation. Jaffar is not a very affectionate person. In the island heat, he tends to give Nino a wide berth at night; he doesn't want to make her uncomfortable, either with his body heat or with his physical proximity (because they are a man and a woman, even if they're young and he hardly feels such stirrings at all, and he's petrified of crossing some line by accident.) This night is different.

He doesn't say anything; he simply finds himself reaching for her, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her in close to him, almost too tightly, because he's scared it's the last time he'll be able to. ]
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[ one doesn't get the moniker "angel of death" without seeing some pretty grotesque scenes; Jaffar was never the type of assassin to commit such deeds, but he's dealt with plenty of unsavory characters that do, especially when he was carrying out the Black Fang's original vigilante work. It's unpleasant, but the unpleasantness simply slides off of him like rainwater on a tin roof. If he ever felt anything about human death and cruelty, he certainly doesn't now.

But Nino is different from him. She's seen the horrors of war - but the horror of what one deranged individual can do to another is an entirely different beast. As night begins to set upon the beach after the day's trials, he's quick to come to her, silently coming up behind her and gently placing a hand on her shoulder. ]


[ he could ask if she's all right, but he has a feeling he knows already. ]
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[ after a bit of trial and error, Jaffar has finally found Nino! Success!

Unfortunately, he's also found a bunch of other things: namely, the fact that everyone and possibly everything on this island is about to start trying to kill each other. Even before he'd learned that, he'd found out that Nino's roommate might have wanted to kill her, anyway. All of this is absolutely unacceptable. What's worse, for one of the first times in his life, Jaffar is utterly helpless to do anything about it. There is nowhere he can run and take her; they're trapped on this island with no boats or pegasi or anything remotely useful. And he can't fight, either. The two men - morphs, like Sonia, he thinks they are - are essentially invulnerable.

Which means all that he can do right now is keep Nino close to him and protect her with everything he has. That's always his priority, regardless of the situation, but right now, it's more important than ever. On Sunday evening, he returns to his hut with her in tow. ]

... You.

[ referring to Jack, presumably. ]


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